Do you enjoy rock fishing? Rock fishing is a popular sport for many but it can be dangerous. Use this page to learn about how you can keep yourself, friends and family safe.

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Things to plan before going rock fishing

Rock fishing is fun but it's important to prepare before you leave home. Learn more about how you can ensure you are ready for a safe and fun rock fishing experience.

What should I wear when I go rock fishing?

It is important to have the correct fishing safety gear & equipment to ensure you are fishing safely.

Avoiding dangerous situations

Many people enjoy rock fishing, but it can be very dangerous. Learn how to be safe while rock fishing to avoid putting yourself in risky and dangerous situations.

Rock Fishing Safety Tips

Knowing how to stay safe and what to look out for while rock fishing can help you to stay safe and ensure an enjoyable rock fishing experience with your friends and family.

Lifejacket Basics

Learn more about lifejackets, how to select the right one, how to put them on and how to properly maintain lifejackets. Also, learn about the lifejacket rules and where they apply in NSW.

Freak Waves

Why do massive waves just come out of nowhere potentially knocking you off your feet into a dangerous situation when you are rock fishing? Let's find out.

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