Find all of our teaching resources from ES1 to S6 to engage your students here. Includes curriculum unit outlines, resources and activities.

Coastline Sustainability

Take a survey of microplastics at Narabeen Lagoon and learn about the role stormwater plays in transporting plastics to the oceans.

Coral Bleaching S3 Lesson Plan

Students will learn about coral bleaching and use an on-line simulation to investigate the effects of different temperatures on coral.

Marine Ecosystems

Discover the challenges the oceans face due to human induced climate change and how we can come up with solutions.

Meet Jen – SLSNSW Educator

Jen is a NSW Secondary Educator teaching 7-10 science as well as senior Biology, Chemistry and Science Extension.

Ocean Climate Change

Meet Stephan from the National Marine Science Centre as explains the effects of climate change on our oceans and marine life.

Solitary Island Aquarium Virtual Tour

Meet Stephan from the Solitary Islands Aquarium as he introduces us to the marine creatures in the centre.

Sustainability & Coastal Environment

Students will study, and complete activities related to climate change on sea levels and biodiversity.