Supporting Surf Life Saving NSW in the development and provision of meaningful, relevant and culturally appropriate resources, programs and messaging.

About the SLSNSW CALD Coastal Safety Reference & Advisory Group (RAG)

This group is comprised of expert members from across NSW CALD & Multicultural organisations and groups who work with SLSNSW to support the development and provision of culturally appropriate and meaningful content to NSW diverse communities. The RAG works to review and provide insights across all facets of the SLSNSW multicultural space and support the delivery of new resources and programs into community via their extensive networks across the state.


Reference & Advisory Group (RAG) Member Organisations

Meet some of our RAG members...

2021_Imad_Berro-pic (002) RAG

Dr Imad Berro

Arab Council Australia
I believe that the SLSNSW RAG provides an opportunity for me to play a dual role; firstly to represent the community’s perspective ensuring relevance of SLS programs and resources and secondly to generate awareness in the organisation about the work that Surf Life Saving carries out for all communities.

Mandy Nour

I wanted to be involved in the RAG because beaches and water activities are an important part of Australian life and culture. I want to help make sure that migrants, refugees and visitors from overseas get good clear information about beach and water safety and are able to fully enjoy Australia’s wonderful outdoor lifestyle.
Ernest Yung

Ernest Yung

Chinese Australian Services Society
I really enjoy being part of the RAG as it provides an opportunity for open and honest discussion about those issues that matter most to the multicultural communities. I also want the communities I am serving can receive appropriate information to keep them safe in water.

Gizem Berberoglu

Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre
I really enjoyed taking part in RAG meetings and in the decision-making processes, which has led to creative ways that to advocate for culturally and linguistically diverse young people to be involved and represented in Beach Safety and Surf Life NSW scope.

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