The South East Sydney Multicultural Water Safety Committee is initiated to develop aquatic services and promote water safety resources & information across service providers and community groups to assist with improving water safety on South East Sydney beaches and waterways.

About the SES Water Safety Committee

SES Multicultural Water Safety Committee aims to create a collaborative environment to encourage effective communication between multicultural services and aquatic service providers. In this way, it ensures water safety initiatives are responsive to the needs and assets of the regions culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

This committee aims to increase awareness and education by exploring, developing and delivering water safety initiatives at South East Sydney beaches, waterways and other aquatic environments.

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Committee Member Organisations

Meet some of our SES committee members...

Jenny Tang

Jenny Tang

Advance Diversity Services (ADS)
Being based near a lot of waterways, water safety is an issue that affects our local communities. As such, we led the South East Sydney Multicultural Water Safety Committee in its early stages and continue to be an active part of the group. We are pleased to see more services working together in similar groups throughout Sydney and the state. We want to make sure that migrants and refugees who come to our shores starting a new life with so much optimism are equipped to safely enjoy the Australian cultural tradition of aquatic recreation.
Jane anderson 2020

Jane Anderson

As a Senior Education Officer, multicultural specialist, my role is to support access for culturally and linguistically diverse communities to learning, in order to strengthen their participation in society and enable their aspirations. I really enjoy being a part of the SES Multicultural Water Safety Committee as Australia is known around the world as having beautiful beaches, and water safety information is essential for newly settled communities to enjoy these natural resources and feel a sense of joy and belonging in their new home.

Lauren Battaglia

Royal Life Saving NSW
Working with our diverse communities is integral in creating an inclusive and safe Australia, my role involves providing the space and opportunity for diverse communities to share water safety education and to take the lead in their response to water safety , as well as being a part of the industry. This committee is positive platform where we all share information and ideas. Ultimately, we wish to reach our common goal of keeping our communities safe in our beautiful waterways.

Madly Bodin

Waverley Council
My role at Waverley Council consists in supporting the development and implementation of diversity & inclusion initiatives across Council. I really enjoy being a part of the Water Safety Committee as it allows me to explore additional initiatives that can help the community enjoy all the recreational activities available on the Eastern Sydney beaches safely.
Julia Kiss

Julia Kiss

Surf Life Saving NSW
Being a member of this committee supports Surf Life Saving to reach and communicate to at-risk communities in a culturally meaningful and relevant way. This committee provides a positive platform to share, collaborate and consolidate all the work that is being done in this space and we appreciate the time, effort and energy of every member that takes part.

Cameron Pyett

Sutherland Shire Council
My role is to ensure that the 7km of coastline within the Local Government is patrolled and kept safe 365 days a year. Our team recognised the drowning statistics within CALD communities and decided to be proactive in this area, engaging the community through information sessions, water safety discussions, demonstrations, and swimming participation all with the aim of reducing these statistics and aiming for “No lives lost”. The committee is an excellent place to learn and share ideas in this space.

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