Interested in learning more about how your club or branch can get involved in community education or wanting to gain some new resources and program insights to support your exisiting community education activities?

Drowning Statistics & Data

Let’s take a look at what the data has to say about drownings on our coastlines. Data is provided by the SLSNSW Coastal Safety Report 2021 and Australian Water Safety Strategy 2030.

Community Education Health Check & Report

SLSNSW conducted a Community Education Health Check, giving NSW SLS clubs and branches the opportunity to provide valuable feedback, comments and information back to SLSNSW.

Multicultural Community Education Support

Multicultural and Culutrally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities are a high priority for SLSNSW when it comes to educating and engaging them in key beach safety messages.

The Learning Journey

Over the last few years the SLSNSW Community Education have been working hard to review and reimagine the way that we educate and engage our various and diverse communities.

SLSNSW Club & Branch Community Education Committee

Are you an SLSNSW Club or Branch member involved in community education? SLSNSW are planning to instill a new standing committee to discuss and share everything to do with community education.

Community Education Support

Community education is an organisational responsibility at all levels of the organisation. SLSNSW’s focus is to support clubs and branches to engage in community education, and to fill any gaps in delivery for at-risk groups where required.

Multilingual Resources

Interested in multilingual beach & ocean safety resources in languages other than English? Here you will have the opportunity to explore, download or print different beach and ocean safety multilingual resources.

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