Bringing you a whole week of FREE beach and water safety activities to help your students prepare for summer! Monday 2nd of December to Friday 6th of December 2024.

It's time to prepare your students for the upcoming summer months!

Teachers will have access to a range of FREE activity sheets and a full teachers guide all about beach & coastal safety.

What will your students be engaged in?

Waterway safety

MONDAY: Inland Waterways & Water Safety

Learning about different bodies of water; investigating live cams from around NSW; discussing water safety scenarios.

TUESDAY: Lifesavers & Lifeguards

Livestream Q&A with a lifesaver
Learning about Lifesaver and Lifeguard roles and responsibilities; watching a livestream from our Lifesavers at the beach; writing a narrative.
Playing on the beach

WEDNESDAY: Beach & Coastal Safety

Beach Hazard Livestream Tour
Learning about hazards at the beach; going on a school treasure hunt; learning about our environment, risk taking and how to stay safe.

THURSDAY: Marine Creatures

Rock Platform livestream tour
Learning about rock pools and conducting marine creature research; watching a rock pool exploration Livestream; comparing and contrasting marine creature profiles.
Nipper games

FRIDAY: Beach Fun Day!

Learning about sun safety and staying safe outdoors; creating a story, play or poster; taking part in fun beach and nipper games.

Livestreams with our Lifesavers!

Your students will have the opportunity to tune in to real time livestreams at the beach with our lifesavers as we explore the beach and rock pools. Students will have the chance to ask questions as we go.


What is Big Beach Week?

We bring you a whole week of FREE beach & water safety activities to help your students prepare for summer.

We do have a theme for each day of the week however you can run the week any way you like. Registered schools will receive access to a comprehensive range of resources including a schedule, guide and lesson plans along with all activity sheets and media links to our livestreams.

This is a primary based program suitable for Es1 to S3

  • Monday: Different bodies of water
  • Tuesday: Roles of lifesavers and lifeguards
  • Wednesday: Hazards at the beach
  • Thursday: Rock pools
  • Friday: Sun safety and staying safe outdoors


  • A comprehensive Teachers Guide including learning outcomes and key messages
  • Student worksheets
  • Promotional flyers and posters
  • Livestreams

Yes! During the week we will run a competition for students to enter.

To celebrate the start of summer we have 3 livestreams planned across the week.

  • Tuesday: Students will meet lifesavers & lifeguards and will learn what they do, what their responsibilities are and how they keep us safe at the water. We encourage students and classrooms to ask questions during this live session.
  • Wednesday: Students will be taken on a real-time tour of a beach to scan for hazards and learn about the conditions. We will look at rip currents and demonstrate ways to stay safe while at the beach. Plus they can ask real time questions.
  • Thursday: Students will join us for a live guided tour of a rock platform and learn about marine creatures.

We will send you a link so you can download all of the resources and the teachers guide two weeks prior to BBW.

We provide a letter for parents and families that can be sent home or made available digitally.

Promotional Flyers and posters will be available that you can digitally link or print and place up around your school.


Fill in the registration form to receive access to a range of activity sheets and live events throughout the week.