Our beach safety fact sheets have been created for our diverse multilingual communities with the support of our Multicultural Advisory group and with the help of the communities they are created for.

Preparing & packing for a safe day at the beach

These fact sheets focus on three key components of beach safety; Preparing for a safe day at home, packing for a safe day and the actions we can take while at the beach to stay safe. Our key message for our multicultural communities is "Beach Safety Starts at Home" and this is the message we are aiming to promote with these fact sheets.

The first page of our fact sheet promotes the use of the Beachsafe app to research the beach and the conditions prior to leaving home. This allows an opportunity to ensure that the beach beaing chosen is patrolled and the conditions are safe to swim.

We also discuss packing for the beach and emphasise safe choices in what to take and responsible decisions to ensure the safety of all those intending to enjoy the beach that day.

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Enjoying a safe day at the beach

While we acknowledge that one of the most crucial aspects to beach safety is preparation and reserach before you even leave home - there are many things that individuals can do once they are at the beach to ensure a safe and fun day,

The second page of our fact sheet focuses on the actions we can take to stay safe while at the beach.

We promote the proactive seeking of flagged and patrolled areas of the beach, the viewing of beach safety signs and asking questions when we are unsure or don't understand.

In the event that an individual decides to swim at an unflagged beach - we emphasise the importance of having a plan and ensuring that risky decisions are not made in the heat of the moment.

Our fact sheets are completed with a QR code link to the relevant language online QUIZ.

Beach Ocean Safety Factsheet (English)48_Page_2
We currently have 23 languages in total. If there are any languages you are interested in but cannot see it above, please contact SLSNSW Community Education at community@surflifesaving.com.au or by calling (02) 9471 8085.

Amr’s Story

Originally from Egypt, Amr is an avid rock fisher keen to share his experiences to help others stay safe on the coast.

Babar’s Story

Originally from Pakistan, Babar and his family love spending time at the beach and enjoying the sunshine and waves.

Ora’s Story

Originally from China, Ora shares his experience of falling off a rock ledge at one of the most dangerous rock fishing spots in Australia.

Nasim’s Story

Following a near drowning experience at an unpatrolled beach, Nasim developed his skills and knowledge in swimming and surf survival.

Yoni’s Story

Yoni's story With a serious passion for rock fishing and as a highly trained Surf Lifesaver, Yoni has many stories to share.

Phil’s Story

Coming to Australia as a Vietnamese refugee, Phil was traumatised by his experiences on the ocean. Now, Phil is a proud Surf Lifesaver and wants to share his story.

Nashern’s Story

From Sudan to Australia, Nashern shares her story of challenges and triumphs.

Multilingual Beach Safety Videos

These videos have been filmed with the help of our amazing Surf Life Saving Lifesavers and members. These videos focus on key beach safety messaging and are subtitled in English.

Multilingual Beach Safety Quizzes

These quizzes have been developed by SLSNSW to support the learning of our in language content. The quizzes are a fun and informative way to learn and consolidate knowledge and are available in multiple languages.

Learn & Play in your Language

Welcome to our multilingual hub! Here you will learn in your own language about the beach, rip currents, lifesavers, rock fishing and most importantly how you and your family and friends can stay safe while enjoying our beautiful beaches.

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