Reimagining how we engage, educate & empower our young male and at-risk youth communities…

Young Males & at-risk Youth (15-29 years)

It is undeniable that young males are one of the greatest risk groups when it comes to drownings and near fatal incidents at the beach. Young males and youth from diverse, refugee or new migrant backgrounds are at an even higher risk given the added culturally associated barriers and concerns. Young males can face a number of challenges that can greatly impact their safety and wellbeing while recreating on our coastlines. A young person's brain continues to develop well into their early 20's and much research suggests that due to the development of specific parts of the brain at this time, that a young person is less able to judge risky situations and is more likely to take risks and put themselves and their peers in harms way. The beach and Surf Life Saving community provides a perfect learning base for young males to develop their abilities and skills in choosing positive and safe activities, supporting their peers to be safe and learning to better judge situations and challenging environments. Surf Life Saving can provide the tools and skills to help young males navigate chalenging scenarios and can provide them with strategies to ensure their own and the safety of their peers and community. We want our young males to lead, think for themselves and importantly understand and acknowledge their own limits and abilities.


- How does my culture and cultural identify impact my safety at the beach?
- How have my previous experiences with water impacted my confidence in and around water now?
- How do gender roles and stereotypes of masculinity impact the decisions I make?
- How can the attitudes and behaviours of my friends impact my safety?
- Why do young people choose to engage in positive and negative risk taking behaviour?
- How can I recognise potentially unsafe environments and situations and what strategies can I use to promote my own and others safety in a variety of real life situations?
- How can I know and understand my own limits in different situations?
- How does the use of alcohol and drugs impact my ability to keep myself and others safe?
- How can I apply knowledge of my own limitations to the situations in which I am in?
- What actions can I take to ensure the safety of my friends/family and the people I am with?

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Interested in having your club engage with local at-risk youth or young male comunities in your area? Try some of these...

  • Reach out to a local PCYC or YMCA to plan a visit and have some of your clubs Lifesavers do a show and tell.
  • Do a presentation on core FLAGS messages and key beach safety. (Get in touch with us for some resources - see below)
  • Do a talk about the "day of a lifesaver" and all the duties and activities involved.
  • Talk about some real scenarious and challenging Lifesaving related situations and how they were resolved.
  • Provide the facilitator with some resources prior to or following your visit. (See activity sheet resources below)
  • Discuss risk taking behaviours and activities with the students and how these could impact their own safety and the safety of their friends. (see PBL worksheet for sample scenarios)
  • Take a group of students to the beach - run some sand and/or water based nipper style activities. (download nipper activities document below)
  • Do a Lifesaver and club equipment show and tell, allowing individuals to try on and hold various available equipment.
  • Get the group down to the beach for some games on the sand followed by a more casual beach safety chat.
  • Setup a game of football or volleyball on the sand to get participants engaged and having some fun.
  • Reach out to us! We can help connect you with a Youth related network and provide support to ensure we make the best impact in this space.

NEW Youth & Young Male Targeted Program COMING SOON...

We are currently working on a brand new campaign and facilitated, scenario based program to better engage and educate our young male and at risk risk youth community, to be launched 2022!

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Would you like to seek further support and information from SLSNSW Community Education to help you engage with local youth & young male related groups? Reach out to Mike Anderson, our Community Engagement Officer (Youth & International Students) at or on 0421 596913.

View our Youth & Young male relevant & targeted programs & resources...

Beach & Ocean Safety

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Multilingual Beach Safety Quizzes

These quizzes have been developed by SLSNSW to support the learning of our in language content. The quizzes are a fun and informative way to learn and consolidate knowledge and are available in multiple languages.

Multilingual Beach Safety Videos

These videos have been filmed with the help of our amazing Surf Life Saving Lifesavers and members. These videos focus on key beach safety messaging and are subtitled in English.

Multilingual Beach Safety Fact Sheets

Our beach safety fact sheets have been created for our diverse multilingual communities with the support of our Multicultural Advisory group and with the help of the communities they are created for.

Lifesaver for a Day (10-12)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to problem solve and discuss real life Lifesaving scenarios as they explore the life and challenges of a lifesaver.

Multi-Cultural Water Safety Youth Forum

We are looking for young multicultural comunity members from all walks of life who are keen to work with us and support increased beach safety awareness amoung our multicultural youth communities.

International Students & Youth

Involving our International students and our young diverse communities is vital to ensuring that coastal safety messaging is maximised across these important communities.

Beach Life Program

This International student targeted program will help your students develop the knowledge and awareness they need to safely enjoy our coastlines and take part in the Australian beach life!