Gone Fishing @ Shellharbour

Our day started with a beautiful sunrise at Shellharbour and it was amazing weather conditions for the Gone Fishing event on Saturday 13th May 2023. We received generous support from Shellharbour SLSC and the South Coast branch of SLSNSW for the event with the lifeguards from Shellharbour City Council providing the exciting emergency scenario demonstration. The NSW Water Police Marine Area Command (MAC) also supported this demonstration for our event.
The workshop began with a welcome speech by Wayne Cavanagh, President of Shellharbour SLSC, followed by professional and experienced presenter sessions. DPI, Maritime NSW explained basic Rockfishing rules and guidelines. Experienced fishermen Hadi from Team Kingies, Spyros Vasiliades from the Australian Land Based Anglers Association and Amr Sheiba shared their knowledge and experience. Many families with young children also attended this time and the kids were able to get involved by volunteering to be part of the demos in some of the presentations. We had so many questions during the session and we could see all participants were interested and engaged. We hope all participants had a great time and now have the skills and knowledge on how to stay safe when they go rock fishing with their brand new lifejacket!

Check out the highlights video from the day

Thank you to the Australian UAV Service for capturing the event from above! Check out some drone footage from the day...

Special thanks to:

  • Shellharbour City Council
  • Hadi from Team Kingies
  • Spyros Vasiliades from Australian Land Based Anglers Association
  • Maritime NSW
  • Shellharbour Surf Lifesaving Club
  • NSW Police Marine Area Command (MAC)
  • South Coast Branch SLSNSW
  • Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  • Amr Sheiba
This event is funded by the Recreational Fisheries Trust.
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