In this S5 lesson plan students will study, and complete activities related to climate change on sea levels and biodiversity.

What will students learn? - Stage 5

Climate change.
Sea level rise simulation study.
Coastal erosion.
Causes of global warming.
Effects of global warming.
Understanding sea level rise.
Future sea level rise.
Top 10 countries in danger of sea level rise.
Impacts of sea level rise in depth
Coastline mitigations in place.
Predicted coastal flooding resulting from climate change.
How to use predicated or manual sea level rise tools and evaluate impacts.

Kayla is a NSW Secondary Educator specialising in Junior Science and Senior Biology.


Stage 5 Lesson: Sustainability & Coastal Environment

  • Syllabus Outcomes
  • One hour lesson plan
  • Class & Individual tasks
  • Extension activity
  • Activities
  • Resources

Resources to download

Students will study and discuss the impacts of climate change on coastal environments.


Australia's changing climate represents a significant challenge to individuals, communities, governments, businesses, industry and the environment.


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