Prepare your students to stay safe on the beaches and in our waterways by embedding some of these BTN episodes in your classroom.

Students will develop a deeper understanding of what UV radiation is and the health effects of too much UV radiation. They will also plan and practise strategies to promote sun safety in their community. (Stage 2 and Stage 3)

A nine-year-old girl has created an app to help save lives this summer. Sarah's app contains three mini games that teach people about sun protection, water safety and CPR. Students will develop a deeper understanding of beach safety including rips and sun safety. (Stage 3)

The World Health Organisation has revealed that drowning is one of the biggest causes of death among kids worldwide. And they say that's a tragedy because it's a much easier problem to fix than most of the other main causes. Students will investigate the risks associated with water play. Students will plan and practise strategies to promote water safety in their community. (Stage 3 and Stage 4)

It’s no secret that Australia’s home to some of the world’s most dangerous animals. With summer approaching, we’re taking a closer look at a few of the big ones you might encounter: Snakes, crocodiles, and jellyfish. Students will learn more about Australia’s dangerous animals. Students will explore safety tips for encounters with Australian wildlife. (Stage 3 and Stage 4)

It's almost the summer holidays and of course heaps of you will be heading to the beach for a bit of fun. But it's important to stay safe too. Peter went to meet a group of teenage lifesavers to find out what we need to remember.


Well this is the last BtN before your summer holidays so many of you will no doubt be hitting the beach soon. But while you're enjoying some sunshine there's a group of people out there trying to make sure you stay safe. We're talking about volunteer lifesavers. We sent Sarah to find out what it takes to become one of them.


The Christmas holiday are full of fun things like swimming and boating, but tragically christmas is also a time when we see a lot more drownings. In the past few weeks there have already been some near misses but, luckily, there were some kids nearby who knew exactly what to do. Sarah found out how some school kids became surf heroes.

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Now when you think about it Australia is a massive country but the vast majority of people are crammed into towns and cities around the coast. So it means that many of us have grown up having to learn how to be safe around water. And that knowledge is proving to be valuable to people living in other countries as Tash reports.

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