Kayla is a NSW Secondary Educator specialising in Junior Science and Senior Biology

She is experienced in regional, remote, public, private, troubled youth and mental health settings. Kayla also has extracurricular experience as an Out of School Hours Educator, University Examination Supervisor, and mentor for foster children and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. She is part of the SLSNSW Community Education team creating quality teaching resources.

Kayla was a key part of the SLSNSW Teachers Coastal Education Week. Watch as she guides us through an overview of the program of ocean, marine & ocean themed lesson plans for teachers based around sustainability and coastal environment.


Check out the resources Kayla has created for NSW teachers

Underwater Photography Tour

Lizzy Hardaker is a passionate underwater photographer and an advocate for healthy marine life. Watch this video with your students when she discusses the impacts humans have on marine ecosystems and how we can all play our part in keeping them healthy. She will also take you underwater with her stunning photos of the amazing marine life.

Underwater Photography Activity

In this activity students will choose one picture of a sea creature taken by underwater photographer Lizzy to be the stimulus or main character in a creative story.


Share with your students how plastic pollution is affecting Australia's ocean wildlife, and the current local, national and global actions that could help to stem the flow of plastics into our ocean.


In this secondary student curriculum aligned activity students will construct and interpret food chains and food webs, including examples from Australian ecosystems. Download this activity below.


Download the lesson plan and resources Kayla created on Biological Diversity for Year 11.

Download Teacher Lesson Plans & Activity Sheets

All of these resources have been created by teacher Kayla and are free for teachers to download and share with students.

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HSIE (Geography) Teaching Resources

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