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Let's explore beautiful coastlines and beaches and learn from our lifesavers and other experts. All student groups are welcome.

What will you learn from our livestreams?

  • Beach Safety
  • Beach and Hazard Signs
  • Beach and Surf Lifesaving Club Tour
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Marine Creatures
  • Rip Currents

Watch our livestreams...

Meet our lifesavers as we go on a tour of the beach, learn, about hazards and discover the marine life at Narabeen Lake!



Big Beach Week 2023 Livestream. A tour with our lifesavers as we learn about lifesaving on our beaches.

BEACH HAZARD TOUR! (29/11/2023)

Big Beach Week 2023 Livestream. A live tour of the beach to show us firsthand the hazards and dangers of the day.


In this pre-recorded live stream come and join Tim a marine creature expert as we check out what's on the rock platforms.


Live Beach Hazard Tour!

The Big Beach Week 2022 (01/12/2022)

Marine Creature Discovery with Tim!

The Big Beach Week 2022 (30/11/2022)

Come & Meet Our Lifesavers!

The Big Beach Week 2022 (29/11/2022)

Resources and programs for students and teachers:

Ask a Lifesaver!

Have your questions answered by our lifesavers!

Beach & Ocean Safety

Be prepared before you head to the beach and learn our useful tips to keep you, your family, your friends and your loved ones safe when you visit our beautiful coast!

Annie & the Waves

A session just for our little ones...your children will meet our lifesavers virtually in these FREE 20-25 minutes interactive sessions.

Beach to Bush (K-6)

Each year our volunteer lifesavers go "bush" to educate students about beach and water safety.

How to stay safe at the beach

The beach is for everyone to enjoy. Knowing how to stay safe while at the beach will make sure that you and your family have the best day possible.

Learn about marine creatures

There are lots of amazing marine creatures that live in the ocean and on our beaches. What are the ones you should look out for when you visit the beach?

What is a rip current?

Rip currents are one of the biggest dangers at the beach. Knowing what a rip is, how to spot one and how to avoid one is key to staying safe at the beach.

What is a surf lifesaver?

Each summer over 20,000 members of SLSNSW put on the iconic red and yellow uniforms at beaches across the state. So who exactly are these heroes in red and yellow? Let's find out!

Learn & Play for Kids

Find lots of fun activities and interesting facts, all about the beach and ocean. Learn with minions, read along with Annie and make some cool ocean crafts.

Beach fun with the Minions!

Get the kids learning with the Minions! Free beach safety activity sheets and and posters for your kids. They will absolutely love them!