Bring the beach to you! Have our Lifesavers attend your next O'Week or EXPO. Our team can set up a Surf Life Saving stall at your university or college orientation week and engage & talk with students about beach and ocean safety, the red & yellow flags, beach safety signs, marine creatures, rip currents and lot's more.

What can we provide?

VR at an event

VR beach safety simulation

Your participants will love trying our new VR simulation of a real drone flight over the beach and above the headlands. Great for O'Week's!


Bring real lifesavers to your event and let your participants say hello and ask and learn directly from the community that knows the beach best.

Sensory beach & ocean display

Let your participants learn about the beach and ocean through touch and feel via our visual and sensory display of beach and ocean items. Really fun for families and children.

Interested in having us attend your O'Week or Expo?

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What else would you like to explore today?

Beach Life Program

This International student targeted program will help your students develop the knowledge and awareness they need to safely enjoy our coastlines and take part in the Australian beach life!

Ask a Lifesaver!

Are you working on an assignment, need a fact for a project you are trying to finish, or just out of curiosity would like your question answered by our lifesavers who are passionate about beach and ocean safety? Ask our Lifesavers!

How to stay safe at the beach

The beach is for everyone to enjoy. Knowing how to stay safe while at the beach will make sure that you and your family have the best day possible.

Learn about marine creatures

There are lots of amazing marine creatures that live in the ocean and on our beaches. What are the ones you should look out for when you visit the beach?

What is a surf lifesaver?

Each summer over 20,000 members of SLSNSW put on the iconic red and yellow uniforms at beaches across the state. So who exactly are these heroes in red and yellow? Let's find out!

What is a rip current?

Rip currents are one of the biggest dangers at the beach. Knowing what a rip is, how to spot one and how to avoid one is key to staying safe at the beach.

What is a wave?

Waves can be fun. You can dive under them, jump over them, watch them gently roll to shore or be awed by their power as they crash on the beach. So how are they formed?

Learn & Play in your Language

Welcome to our multilingual hub! Here you will learn in your own language about the beach, rip currents, lifesavers, rock fishing and most importantly how you and your family and friends can stay safe while enjoying our beautiful beaches.