Discover how plastic pollution is affecting Australia's ocean wildlife and how the current local, national and global actions that could help to stem the flow of plastics into our oceans.

What will students learn?

The impacts of plastic pollution on the environment
What is currently being done to prevent plastic pollution and how you can get involved.
Single use plastics - the pros and cons of plastic.
What we can do to save our oceans.
How and why oceans are in crisis (long and short term effects, turtles, whales, sea birds).
Most dangerous plastics for sea life.
How we can fix the plastic crisis (circular economy).
What we can do to reduce plastic waste.
How and why oceans are in crisis (long and short-term effects, turtles, whales, sea birds).

Shane Cucow is the Plastics Campaign Manager for the Australian Marine Conservation Society. Spend 55 minutes with Shane learning about the impacts of plastic.

Shane Cucow


Your students might like to create a mural from what they collect or a sea creature such as an octopus or a whale, or they can even decorate your classroom with themed crafts. Share your creations with us and we will add them to our Hub.

Download the "Creating Art from Litter" activity below for more information.


AMCS works on the big issues that risk the ocean wildlife. They have protected critical ocean ecosystems with marine reserves including Ningaloo and the Great Barrier Reef. If you want to learn more and help ensure Australia’s coasts and oceans remain healthy and free for tomorrow’s generations, check out their website.


Resources to download

Students can put their creative hats on and create a piece of artwork using debris and waste from a local waterway environment and learn what it means to have a healthy relationship with natural environments.


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