When we go to the beach with children it is even more important to know how to stay safe and how to keep your little ones safe and happy.

Lifesavers are not babysitters.

Lifesavers are there to help but they are not babysitters and children should never be left alone on the sand or in the water without an adult to watch them.

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Always supervise your children and never leave them alone...

  • When beaches are crowded it can be easy for children to get lost or wander off without you.
  • While Lifesavers and Lifeguards are there to help, they are not babysitters and it is always the parents responsibility to watch their children.
  • Even in shallow water sudden waves can happen at any time and can wash small children into deep water very quickly.
  • Make sure that you can see your children at all times - don't let your children run off to swim or play in the water by themselves.
  • Think about the best place to set up for the day so that you can keep a close eye on your children.
  • Don't leave smaller children alone with older children - Adults should always supervise children as even older children may not know what to do if something sudden happened.
  • Learning to swim is a very important skill and it is never too late to learn to swim and survive.
  • Even if your child can swim in a pool, it does not mean that they will be able to swim and survive in the ocean and in the waves.
  • Flash rip currents can happen very suddenly and unsupervised children playing in shallow water can quickly be taken away from the shore.

It only takes a second...

Even in shallow water children should never be left alone. A big wave can happen at any time washing people out into the ocean. Children should wear appropriate swimwear and should not enter the water without an adult who can swim and help them.

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Become a Surf Lifesaving Nipper!

Surf Life Saving is a great activity for growing a child's confidence, knowledge and skills in the beach environment.

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