School Holiday Activities

All of our beach and coastal themed resources are fun, educational, creative and are free to watch or download.


Your kids will meet our surf lifesavers as they go on a beach hazard tour and learn about what a surf lifesaver does. They'll also discover the marine life on the rock platform as they take a tour with Tim.


Your kids will see the beach and ocean from a new perspective and experience the coastline through the lens of a drone.


In this video we follow the behind the scenes in the development of surf life saving’s VR Drone Simulation.


Learn about Annie's adventures or watch as Louise Lambeth, the book's author, reads the story about Annie to you.

Annie and the waves_small


Make your very own bluebottles and beach with Acacia as we learn about the importance of reading beach safety signs.

acacia blue bottles

Get crafty with Noah while learning about the importance of protecting our oceans from plastics.

Use our checklist the next time you are down at the beach to find and explore the amazing underwater world of rock pools. You might like to try your hand at drawing what you see too!


Your kids will choose a photo from underwater photographer Lizzy to be the stimulus or main character in a creative story!


Come and have fun with Bob and his minion friends as we learn about beach safety together. Free activity sheets and posters to download.


Watch the fun-filled animated series for kids about the adventures of four young animal friends training as junior cadets with their lifeguard heroes. Free activity sheets and resources.



We all love a day at the beach. Check out some helpful info and advice on beach & ocean safety to ensure your family enjoys your visit to the beach.


When we go to the beach with children it is even more important to know how to stay safe and how to keep your little ones safe and happy.

Although we fear sharks, they are an important part of the ecosystem and a reality of the ocean. Be Shark Smart & enjoy NSW beaches.

shark sign

Check out the safe surfer series with the worlds best known surf writer Nick Carroll. Surf Safety Series with Nick Carroll.

surfing 2

What else would you like to explore?

Ask a Lifesaver!

Have your questions answered by our lifesavers!

How to stay safe at the beach

The beach is for everyone to enjoy. Knowing how to stay safe while at the beach will make sure that you and your family have the best day possible.

Learn about marine creatures

There are lots of amazing marine creatures that live in the ocean and on our beaches. What are the ones you should look out for when you visit the beach?

What is a surf lifesaver?

Each summer over 20,000 members of SLSNSW put on the iconic red and yellow uniforms at beaches across the state. So who exactly are these heroes in red and yellow? Let's find out!

What is a rip current?

Rip currents are one of the biggest dangers at the beach. Knowing what a rip is, how to spot one and how to avoid one is key to staying safe at the beach.

What is a wave?

Waves can be fun. You can dive under them, jump over them, watch them gently roll to shore or be awed by their power as they crash on the beach. So how are they formed?