Having fun & staying safe at the beach!

What sorts of things do you like to do at the beach?

Maybe you love to swim in the ocean or maybe in an ocean pool? You might really like playing games like frisbee? Or maybe you love to build sandcastles and dig giant holes in the sand? The beach is a very fun place to play, explore and have adventures. Having lots of fun at the beach also means making sure that we do the right things to keep ourselves, our friends and our family safe... let's take a look at what sorts of things you can do to stay safe at the beach...

Beach Safety Tips with our Nippers

Check out this video to learn about our top 5 safety tips to stay safe at the beach.

Learn more about beach safety with Kangaroo Beach

In this series of live action specials by ABC ME, the Kangaroo Beach cadets offer vital water safety messages to help you stay safe while making a splash. Learn about waves, floating, rip currents, and what to do if caught in one. Suitable for pre-school age children.

How to prepare for a beach day!

How to check the water

Learn about rip currents

Stay calm and float

Fun in the waves

Swimming in pools and rivers

Learn more about beach safety with ABC ME Nippers

Join the Nippers of the ABC ME show, as they talk about some important beach safety messages to help you stay safe. Suitable for primary aged students.

Top 5 beach safety tips

How to spot and get out of a rip

What do Lifesavers do?

Join Annie as her family heads to the beach for the day. Find out what happens to Annie and join her as she learns to stay safe at the beach.

Annie is talking to a lifesaver at the beach

What does a cow have to do with sharks... check out this page and find out!


Are you a surfer? Check out these videos and learn ways to stay safe while your out on the water.

surfing 2

Take a look at some of these news stories for kids to learn more about the beach, coast and surf life saving.


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