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Meet our Lifesaver James

James is a member of Fingal Beach SLSC and is also part of the Hunter Branch Support Operations. He has been involved with Surf Life Saving for over 20 years and generally uses the IRB (Inflatable Rescue Boat) while on patrol.

Over the last 4 years James has been a presenter for the Beach to Bush program where lifesavers head ‘bush’ to visit schools in rural and remote NSW to share beach and waterways knowledge. He has presented to over five and a half thousand rural students!

Don't forget to say hi to James if you see him at the beach, he can help you with any of your questions.

James Worrall-1

Meet our Lifesaver Will

Will is an an active patrol member of Maroubra SLSC.

A first-generation Australian, Will gained his Bronze Medallion in 2013 and was recognised as the Chief Instructor’s Award for Best Bronze Medallion Candidate.
Will loves sharing his beach safety skills and knowledge to the community to foster diversity and inclusion.

He will love to answer any of your questions.


Meet our Lifesaver Adrienne

Adrienne is a member of the Dee Why SLSC on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and has been a surf lifesaver since 2002. She has been a Patrol Captain, Chief Instructor and the Club’s President. She loves to participate in lifesaving surf sports events and officiate at the Branch, State and Australian Championships.

Her passion lies within education as she is a Training Officer, Assessor and Facilitator for some of the highest education awards in Surf Lifesaving. Adrienne is currently the Director of Education for the largest Branch in NSW.

She enjoys educating the community in beach and ocean so much that she has volunteered her time and knowledge to visit rural and remote schools in NSW each year since 2003 in the annual SLSNSW Beach to Bush program.

Adrienne will love to answer any of your questions you may have on beach and ocean safety.


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