Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre

Western Sydney Migrant Resource Centre (WSMRC) is a not-for-profit organization working with newly arrived migrants, refugees, and diverse communities. Our approach to project, service and program design ensures our clients' and community needs and wants are met. We champion our diverse community to be empowered, informed and connected.

I am a Youth Worker in WSMRC where I support young people with casework, information, referral, advocacy and to develop their skills capacity to address the various issues that they face. Through casework and group activities, I assist young people identify their goals, the options to achieve those goals and support them through to accomplishment.

I really enjoyed taking part in RAG meetings and in the decision-making processes, which has led to creative ways that to advocate for culturally and linguistically diverse young people to be involved and represented in Beach Safety and Surf Life NSW scope.

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