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On Patrol with Community Education

We're bringing you all the latest beach and coastal education related news, programs and resources for NSW teachers and schools in our 'On Patrol' newsletter. Our motto at Community Education is to 'Engage, Educate and Empower' schools through our beach and water safety education programs. We have lots on offer and will be showcasing these through our quarterly newsletter.

What's in the current edition?

  • Meet our surf lifesavers and learn what they do
  • Beach Safety Tips
  • Fishy Fact! - Sharks
  • First aid training at your school
  • Beach to Bush 2023
  • Big Beach Week 2023

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Learn more about beach and water safety for your students

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Beach & Ocean Sensory Show

Our Early Childhood Sensory Play Sessions have been created to provide young children, teachers and parents with education around coastal and inland waterways safety.

Beach & Ocean Explorers

Come and spend some time with a real lifesaver as we delve deep into the ocean and discover some of its most amazing secrets in our virtual primary school sessions.

Lifesaver @ My School (K-6)

Our Lifesaver @ My School program brings our qualified lifesavers right into your classroom! Students from K to 6 will learn about beach and ocean safety.

Race to the Flags (7-9)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to compete in groups with their classmates, as they problem solve real life lifesaving scenarios.

Lifesaver @ My School (7-12)

Bring a Lifesaver to your school and give your students the opportunity to learn about beach and ocean safety in their own classroom and backyard.

Lifesaver for a Day (10-12)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to problem solve and discuss real life Lifesaving scenarios as they explore the life and challenges of a lifesaver.

Sporting Schools (K-6)

The Sporting Schools program is for all primary school students K-6 keen to learn water and beach skills through Surf Life Saving. The program brings schools and sports together to help Aussie children get active.

Primary Teaching Resources

Curriculum linked unit outlines with a 3 week staged based lesson plan for teachers to download.

Beach to Bush (K-6)

Each year our volunteer lifesavers go "bush" to educate students about beach and water safety.