Reimagining how we engage, educate & empower our primary school communities…

Primary School Years (5-12 years)

In the primary years, children are learning more and more about the world around them and how they fit into this world. Children will be exploring the role they play within their family, peer group and wider community and will be seeking opportunities to spend time with their friends and peer groups. Learning to care for themselves and each other is a big part of these primary years. The beach and the Surf Life Saving community provides a wonderful theme to learn not only about themselves, the environment and the community, but about safety, respect and inclusion and creates a solid base to discuss and explore challenging situations and helpful strategies to keep themselves and their community safe.


- How do we care for and include each other?
- What choices can help me to stay safe?
- How can we use strategies and tactics in challenging situations?
- How do empathy, inclusion and respect have an impact on the safety of myself and others around me?
- How responsible am I for my own and other’s wellbeing and safety?
- What actions positively influence the safety and wellbeing of my community?

kids hugging on the beach

Interested in having your club engage with the local schools in your community? Try some of these...

  • Reach out to a local school to plan a visit and have some of your clubs Lifesavers do a show and tell.
  • Do a presentation on core FLAGS messages and key beach safety. (Get in touch with us for some resources - see below)
  • Do a talk about the "day of a lifesaver" and all the duties and activities involved.
  • Talk about some real life challenging Lifesaving related situations and how they were resolved.
  • Provide the teacher with some resources prior to or following your visit. (See activity sheet resources below)
  • Take a group of students to the beach - run some sand and/or water based nipper style activities. (download nipper activities document below)
  • Do a Lifesaver and club equipment show and tell, allowing students to try on and hold various available equipment - role play how they are used.
  • Do you have a safe rock platform at your beach? Take a group of students to explore the rock pools and marine creatures there. (Download rock pool explorer resource below)
  • Not able to bring students to your beach? Run some nipper style activities at the school playground or a nearby park.
Would you like to seek further support and information from SLSNSW Community Education to help you engage with primary schools? Reach out to Jenni Clarke, our Schools and regional communities Education Officer at or on 0447 878 024.

View our Primary School targeted programs & resources...

Creatures Big & Small (K-2)

Come and explore the ocean and beach with a real lifesaver and learn about the amazing creatures that live within the sea in our FREE virtual sessions.

Ocean Myth Busters (3-6)

Come and explore some of the greatest myths of the ocean and coast with a real lifesaver in our FREE virtual sessions.

Sporting Schools (K-6)

The Sporting Schools program is for all primary school students K-6 keen to learn water and beach skills through Surf Life Saving. The program brings schools and sports together to help Aussie children get active.

Lifesaver @ My School (K-6)

Our Lifesaver @ My School program brings our qualified lifesavers right into your classroom! Students from K to 6 will learn about beach and ocean safety.

Get Creative!

Here you will find some fun, interesting and educational beach and ocean themed activities for kids. Get creative as you learn about staying safe at the beach and protecting our oceans and exploring through sensory play.

Explore a rock pool

Next time you're at the beach, head down to the rock pool and explore all the amazing aquatic and marine life.

Beach to Bush (K-6)

Each year our volunteer lifesavers go "bush" to educate students about beach and water safety.