Stage 6 Biology Teaching Resources

Secondary teacher resource focusing on Biological Diversity content and outcomes for Year 11.

Creating quality Teacher Resources

At Surf Lifesaving NSW our mission is simple; save lives, create great Australians and build better communities. In order to do this, we want to provide our schools, teachers and students with the best possible programs, resources and opportunities to engage with us and learn about water safety, the beach and coastal environments. These Secondary Unit Outline resources have been created specifically to help teachers integrate beach and coastal safety information and broader water safety activities and our programs into your lesson plans in an easy and simple way.

The beach has a place in everyone's story

Surf Life Saving is much more than just saving lives on the beach

A key priority for us is reaching out to all Australians through our substantial community education programs. We aim to teach all Australians how to keep themselves and their families safe at the beach.

  • Develop positive, informed values and attitudes towards biology
  • Recognise the importance and relevance of biology in their lives
  • Recognise the influence of economic, political and societal impacts on the development of scientific knowledge
  • Develop an appreciation of the influence of imagination and creativity in scientific research

(Reference: Biology Stage 6 Syllabus, 2017.)

  • Teacher Guide
  • Achievements
  • Depth Study
  • Worksheets
  • Lessons
  • Values Worksheet
  • Handbook
  • Assessment
  • Find the red and yellow flags and swim between them
  • Look for, and read the safety signs
  • Ask a lifesaver or lifeguard for safety advice
  • Go swimming with an adult
  • Signal for help if you get into trouble in the wate

What you will find in this resource:


Unit Outline

This unit focuses on aquatic contexts and is embedded with Surf Life Saving NSW education values to promote water-safety and drowning-prevention.

Teacher Guide

The Depth Study includes theoretical and practical components that achieve the 15 hours Depth Study and fieldwork requirement of the Preliminary Course.

Syllabus Achievements

Self reflection, inclusive, class discussions, group and individual tasks

Depth Study

Practical investigations, fieldwork, data analysis, cross-curriculum priorities


Downloadable resources.

Outcomes & Lessons

8 lessons and syllabus outcomes

SLSNSW Education values worksheet

3 lessons with links to related resources

Practical Handbook

Includes resources plus theory and practical tasks for the Year 11 fieldwork component.


Preliminary HSC Assessment Task (Module 3 Depth Study)

This course provides students with the opportunity to learn about variations in the structures and functions of organisms and provides an understanding of the effects of the environment on living things. Students investigate reproduction, inheritance patterns and the causes of genetic variation. Applications of this knowledge in biotechnology and genetic technologies are explored.


Biological Diversity Unit Outline and Resources

Please download the Stage 6 Biological Diversity resources here:
Please download ALL of the above resources in a convenient zip file here.

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