SLSNSW education community team has created a gamification for kids from 5-12 years old to learn about the ocean and beach safety.
This online learning tool gives kids the opportunity to learn anywhere at any time with fun designs and engaging audio and visuals.

For Individual

There are 8 different age group categories and over 200 questions covering 46 different topics, enabling kids of all ages to learn through this program. You have 5 attempts for each question and Certification will be awarded after the completion of each topic. It is very important to improve kids knowledge and understanding of the ocean and beach safety in order for them to avoid dangerous situations near the water. We highly encourage parents to play and learn together with their kids.

For school group or class

This gamification is also available for any school groups from kindy to year 6. Flexible program to fit with your class schedule. You can set a few categories for a quick classroom activity or choose to allocate a longer time to complete all the categories. This can also be set as a great homework activity for your students. Students are motivated to complete the tasks to receive a certificate on completion. Please note that registration is limited to one person per email address so you can’t share the account.

This gamification...

  • Is available on any device
  • Is available at any time and any location
  • Has engaging visuals such as images and videos
  • Covers a variety of categories and topics
  • Has questions created to each age group (from Kindy to Year 6)
  • Provides certification for completing each topic

What can kids learn from this gamification?

The ocean and beach environment

Ocean creatures

How to stay safe at the beach and in the water

Category topics

The Beach

The Ocean

Inland Waterways

Age groups


Year 1,2,3,4,5,6


How to start playing?

1. Visit the gamification site

2. Register your details

3. Choose your age group and question category

4. Get started!

5. Complete questions and Get a certification!

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