This video series was launched in December 2020 and is a Study NSW Partner Project collaboration with the NSW Police Force, Surf Lifesaving NSW, Royal Lifesaving NSW and Northern Beaches Council.

Supporting the prevention of drownings in the International student community

Funded by Study NSW, the new water safety video features six students who share their experience of the water to help raise awareness and save lives. Among them is international student Manisha Gautam from Nepal, whose boyfriend tragically drowned a year ago in Bents Basin in Sydney’s west...
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“It’s such a loss for the whole family and friends. It gives me a different idea about the importance of educating ourselves in water safety,”

The new video, which is subtitled in eight different languages, encourages international students to enrol in swimming lessons and familiarise themselves with water safety when swimming in the ocean, rock pools, rivers and pools or when rock fishing.

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Japanese Subtitles

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