Everyone loves a day at the beach. But what we love even more is that you all go home safely afterwards! Check out some helpful info and advice on beach & ocean safety to ensure you enjoy your visit to the beach and stay safe.


Each year in NSW thousands of people visit our stunning coastline and beaches. Even though we all enjoy our time at the beach, conditions can be unpredictable and may have hidden dangers. Before you head to the beach you should be prepared and learn our useful tips to keep you, your family, your friends and your loved ones safe when you visit our beautiful coast!

The Beachsafe app provides detailed information for patrol status, facilities and hazards including weather, swell and tide. The app is available to download onto your devices from the App Store or Google Play.



  • Surf Lifesavers wear red and yellow
  • You should always swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Some beaches are safer than others
  • There are different kinds of waves, some are safer than others
  • If you get into difficulty in the water, stay calm and raise your hand to show the surf lifesavers you need help
  • Be sun safe at the beach. Wear a hat and a rash vest, and don’t forget to put on sunscreen before you go out in the sun
  • Always swim with a responsible person


The beach is for everyone to enjoy. Knowing how to stay safe while at the beach will make sure that you and your family have the best day possible.


Rips are one of the greatest and most common hazards on Australian beaches. Knowing what a rip is, how to spot one and how to avoid one is key to staying safe at the beach.

What is a rip current? Image of waves breaking on to a beach

Waves can be fun. You can dive under them and jump over them. Watch them gently roll to shore or be awed by their power as they crash on the beach. So what are waves?

Ocean waves rolling over

Each summer over 20,000 members of SLSNSW put on the iconic red and yellow uniforms at beaches across the state. So who exactly are these heroes in red and yellow? Let's find out!


There are lots of amazing marine creatures that live in the ocean and on our beaches. Learn about the marine creatures that you should look out for when you visit the beach.

Baby turtles on a beach

Sharks are feared by many but how much do you actually know about them?


Join one of our sessions

We are continually creating program for schools, communities, multicultural groups and early childhood centres. To learn more about being safe at the beach you are welcome to register for any of our sessions:

Beach & Ocean Explorers

Come and spend some time with a real lifesaver as we delve deep into the ocean and discover some of its most amazing secrets in our virtual primary school sessions.

Annie & the Waves

A session just for our little ones...your children will meet our lifesavers virtually in these FREE 20-25 minutes interactive sessions.

Creatures Big & Small (K-2)

Come and explore the ocean and beach with a real lifesaver and learn about the amazing creatures that live within the sea in our FREE virtual sessions.

Ocean Myth Busters (3-6)

Come and explore some of the greatest myths of the ocean and coast with a real lifesaver in our FREE virtual sessions.

Lifesaver @ My School (K-6)

Our Lifesaver @ My School program brings our qualified lifesavers right into your classroom! Students from K to 6 will learn about beach and ocean safety.

Beach to Bush (K-6)

Each year our volunteer lifesavers go "bush" to educate students about beach and water safety.

Sporting Schools (K-6)

The Sporting Schools program is for all primary school students K-6 keen to learn water and beach skills through Surf Life Saving. The program brings schools and sports together to help Aussie children get active.

Lifesaver @ My School (7-12)

Bring a Lifesaver to your school and give your students the opportunity to learn about beach and ocean safety in their own classroom and backyard.

Race to the Flags (7-9)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to compete in groups with their classmates, as they problem solve real life lifesaving scenarios.

Lifesaver for a Day (10-12)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to problem solve and discuss real life Lifesaving scenarios as they explore the life and challenges of a lifesaver.

Beach Life Program

This International student targeted program will help your students develop the knowledge and awareness they need to safely enjoy our coastlines and take part in the Australian beach life!

Beach Safety @ Your Event

Bring the beach to you! Have our Lifesavers attend your next event or festival. Our team can setup a Surf Life Saving stall at any venue and engage & talk with students about beach and ocean safety, the red & yellow flags, beach safety signs, marine creatures, rip currents and lot's more.

Beach Safety @ Your O’Week

SLSNSW Education Team can set stalls at your university/college orientation week and engage & talk with students about beach and ocean safety, the red & yellow flags, beach safety signs, marine creatures, rip currents and many more.

Community Beach Excursions

The best way to understand beach safety is with a visit to a beach and some time on the sand and in the water. Our knowledgeable lifesavers can help your group experience the beach in a safe way.

Day @ the Beach

Day @ the Beach is a multicultural and CALD community targeted beach safety program that can be delivered virtually or face to face in a selection of languages.