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Early Childhood Years (3-5 years)

Learning development in early years is heavily based on sensorial experiences, exploring the world around us through sight, smell, touch, taste and feel. In these early years children are learing about themselves and the environment around them through trial and error and through tangible experiences. Young children at this stage will learn through making mistakes and for this reason early development of how to experience the world around us safely will be vital to their ability to develop safe learning practices. Knowing to ask for help and ask questions when they are unsure and knowing who to go to for help will assist this age group to grow and learn safely.

The beach is a wonderful place for sensory learning & experiences...

  • Watching the tide and waves
  • The sound of crashing waves and squawking birds
  • The touch and feel of sand between our fingers and toes
  • Seeing and feeling all the amazing textures of seashells
  • The smell of the salty air and sunscreen
  • The feel of waves crashing on our feet
  • Looking at sea creatures on the sand and in the rock pool
  • The smell of hot chips cooking at the local takeaway shop
  • The slippery and spikey feel of seaweed on the sand


- How do I explore my world safely?
- What can I do when I feel unsafe?
- Who are safe people and how do I identify them?
- What can I learn about my environment from observation?
- How can I use my senses to learn about my environment?
- How can my senses help me to stay safe?

child sand play

Interested in having your SLS club engage with your local early childhood communities? Try some of these...

  • Attend a childcare centre in your red and yellow and do a show and tell about being a Lifesaver.
  • Take some sensory beach items with you - seashells, sand, rocks, cuttlefish bones and other beach realted items.
  • Play a game or sing a song (download our song sheet below)
  • Play a game of "flags up - flags down" (download our games sheet below)
  • Take some activity and colouring sheets with you or send them prior to or after your visit.
  • Bring an early childcare centre group to the beach at your club for some sand and water play.
  • Setup a space to dig sand and build and decorate sandcastles.
  • Setup a mini sand obstacle course to get children jumping, hopping, rolling and running.
  • Show children some beach safety signs and play a memory game with them.
  • Do you have a safe rock platform at your beach? Take them to explore the rock pools and cratures living there. (download our rockpool explorer sheet below)
Would you like to seek further support and information from SLSNSW Community Education to help you engage with local Early Childhood centres and groups? Reach out to Jenni Clarke, our Schools and regional communities Education Officer at or on 0447 878 024.

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Get Creative!

Here you will find some fun, interesting and educational beach and ocean themed activities for kids. Get creative as you learn about staying safe at the beach and protecting our oceans and exploring through sensory play.

Beach & Ocean Sensory Show

Our Early Childhood Sensory Play Sessions have been created to provide young children, teachers and parents with education around coastal and inland waterways safety.

Annie & the Waves

A session just for our little ones...your children will meet our lifesavers virtually in these FREE 20-25 minutes interactive sessions.