In this S3 lesson plan students will learn about coral bleaching and use an on-line simulation to investigate the effects of different temperatures on coral.

What will students learn? - Stage 3

What is coral bleaching.
What happens to coral in warmer water.
Why coral bleaching is problematic.
How we are damaging our environment.
Learning about microplastics.
What causes coral bleaching.
What gives coral its colour.
What happens when algae becomes stressed.
How water pollution affects coral.
Impacts of coral bleaching.
How storms affect coral.
How to create coral models with modelling clay.

Jen has been teaching Science for 6 years, specifically 7-10 science and senior Biology, Chemistry and Science Extension.

Jen-Coral bleaching

Stage 3 Lesson: Coral Bleaching

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Resources to download

Students will learn how physical conditions affect the survival of living things.


Over one quarter of all marine life relies on coral reefs at some point in their life cycle. Corals are the building blocks of reef ecosystems and vital to life on earth.

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