SLSNSW is committed to making positive impact in the safety of diverse and multilingual communities.

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Our work with multicultural and diverse communities is very important to us. Multicultural communities, including refugees and new migrants, are a high risk group for both drownings and non-fatal incidents at the beach. We know that there are many concerns and barriers facing multicultural communities in their ability to safely interact with the beach and ocean. Our programs and resources are developed and reviewed in community and with the support of our Multicultural Advisory Group. All programs and resources are specifically targeted to challenge the key issues facing diverse community members in the beach and coastal safety space.

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Our Commitment to multicultural & diverse communities...

We will no longer…

Make assumptions about what multicultural communities do or do not know about the beach and beach safety.

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We will… Involve & Empower Communities.

Working with our communities to involve and empower them in their own safety and wellbeing and the safety of their families, friends and local communities will ensure that our messages and information are meaningful, relevant and culturally aware and informed.

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We will no longer…

Use guesswork in the development of multiculturally targeted messaging and resources.

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We will… Actively seek support & expert advice.

Working with CALD and multicultural service providers we will seek expert insights and advice through the entire creative and development process of all new multiculturally targeted collateral and programs.

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We will no longer…

Allow known barriers for multicultural communities to engagement with beach safety messaging, resources and programs to exist without acknowledgement and the active seeking of solutions.


We will... Provide alternative solutions and opportunities.

Working with Multicultural communities and service providers we will open conversations to discuss community barriers and concerns to safe engagement with the beach and we will proactively seek solutions to meet the needs of our diverse communities.

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For comments, questions or feedback on the work that we are currently doing in the multicultural and CALD space please contact our Multicultural Education & Engagement Officer, Isam Al-Handola at or by calling 0429 614 873.

Explore our multicultural community targeted resources and programs

Multilingual Resources

Interested in multilingual beach & ocean safety resources in languages other than English? Here you will have the opportunity to explore, download or print different beach and ocean safety multilingual resources.

Multilingual Beach Safety Quizzes

These quizzes have been developed by SLSNSW to support the learning of our in language content. The quizzes are a fun and informative way to learn and consolidate knowledge and are available in multiple languages.

Multilingual Beach Safety Videos

These videos have been filmed with the help of our amazing Surf Life Saving Lifesavers and members. These videos focus on key beach safety messaging and are subtitled in English.

Multilingual Beach Safety Fact Sheets

Our beach safety fact sheets have been created for our diverse multilingual communities with the support of our Multicultural Advisory group and with the help of the communities they are created for.

Multilingual Rock Fishing Safety Videos

These videos have been filmed with the help of our amazing Surf Life Saving Lifesavers and members. These videos focus on key rock fishing safety messaging and are subtitled in English.

Multilingual Rock Fishing Safety Infographic

Crafted by SLSNSW this infographic provides a visually illustrative and simple way to promote key rock fishing safety messages and activities.

Stories from our community

Do you have a story to tell that you would like to share? Have you had a scary, happy or life changing experience with the ocean or at a beach? No matter how big or small we would love to hear your story.

Learn & Play in your Language

Welcome to our multilingual hub! Here you will learn in your own language about the beach, rip currents, lifesavers, rock fishing and most importantly how you and your family and friends can stay safe while enjoying our beautiful beaches.

Day @ the Beach

Day @ the Beach is a multicultural and CALD community targeted beach safety program can be delivered virtually or face to face in a selection of languages.

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing is program which you can learn about making better decisions from before they even go fishing and how you can take actions to improve your safety while enjoying pleasant rock-fishing experience.

Community Beach Excursions

The best way to understand beach safety is with a visit to a beach and some time on the sand and in the water. Our knowledgeable lifesavers can help your group experience the beach in a safe way.

Multicultural Committees

SLSNSW highly values the effort, energy and enthusiasm of the multicultural community service provider members and community members who work with us towards the prevention of drownings in multicultural communities.

Beach Safety @ Your Event

Bring the beach to you! Have our Lifesavers attend your next event or festival. Our team can setup a Surf Life Saving stall at any venue and engage & talk with students about beach and ocean safety, the red & yellow flags, beach safety signs, marine creatures, rip currents and lot's more.

SES CALD Water Safety Committee

The South East Sydney Multicultural Water Safety Committee is initiated to develop aquatic services and promote water safety resources & information across service providers and community groups to assist with improving water safety on South East Sydney beaches and waterways.

Coastal Safety Ambassador Program

Are you between the ages of 18 and 39 and interested in learning new skills, making new friends and supporting your community to be beachsafe?

Multi-Cultural Water Safety Youth Forum

We are looking for young multicultural comunity members from all walks of life who are keen to work with us and support increased beach safety awareness amoung our multicultural youth communities.

International Students & Youth

Involving our International students and our young diverse communities is vital to ensuring that coastal safety messaging is maximised across these important communities.

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