Looking to embed some beach safety themed activities into your english language classroom? Please explore our resources below.

About these resources

These resources have been created to support the provision of coastal and inland waterway education to our communities who may be newer to Australia and still learning english. These low english language (Low-ELP) activity sheets are created in line with the International Student Water Safety Video, Below you will find 7 short 30 second video segments - each segment has its own activity sheet which you can download at the bottom of this page. We recommend that students are allowed to first watch the full video before then being given the below activities to complete. Dependent on the ability of the students you can also spend time reviewing the glossary and completing the glossary activity sheet.

We also reccomend encouraging some discussion with your class around their experiences with water and how they engage with various waterways.

  • Did they swim in their home countries? What sorts of water environments did they swim in? Did they feel safe or did they feel this was dangerous?
  • Do they swim in Australia? What sorts of environments do they swim in and do they feel safe or do they feel this is dangerous?
  • What safety precautions do they take or would they take before going swimming?
  • Do they feel the beach and ocean is a safe place to swim? Why or why not?


Video 1: Swimming ability

To support work sheet "Swimming ability" from downloadable resources below.

Video 2: Advice to Students

To support work sheet "Swimming advice" from downloadable resources below.

Video 3: Inland Waterways

To support work sheet "Inland waterways" from downloadable resources below.

Video 4: Underwater Hazards

To support work sheet "underwater hazards" from downloadable resources below.

Video 5: Rip Currents

To support work sheet "rip currents" from downloadable resources below.

Video 6: Young Males

To support work sheet "young males" from downloadable resources below.

Video 7: Manisha's Story

To support work sheet "Manisha's story" from downloadable resources below.

Low ELP Worksheets ZIP file

Access to the full International Student Water Safety Video with subtitles.


Provide some additional language support to your students with our glossary and glossary worksheet.

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