Your little ones will learn about beach safety through song, dance & storytelling!

Our Early Childhood Sessions have been created to provide young children, teachers and parents with education around coastal and inland waterways safety with our surf lifesavers.

In this program your children will be encouraged to participate in our show by singing and dancing along with Bobby as he is getting ready for a fun and safe day at the beach with his family. They will meet Bobby and our lifesavers, listen to music, put on some sunscreen, hear the sounds of the ocean, and explore and touch some beach items that we bring along. This program is being launched in September.


What will your children learn about beach and ocean safety?

  • F – Find the red and yellow flags and swim between them
  • L – Look for and read the safety signs
  • A – Ask a lifeguard or lifesaver for safety advice
  • G – Go swimming with an adult
  • S – Signal for help if you get into trouble in the water
  • Being careful and asking questions before doing
  • Being cautious when exploring rock pools and platforms
  • Creatures of the ocean and coastline
  • Differences between different bodies of water
  • Unique hazards at the beach

Here's a sneak peak of our FREE activity sheets!

We have lots of beach & ocean fun activity sheets for your children. They will also be presented with a take home certificate for their families to continue their learning in their home environment.


Beach & Ocean Sessions FAQ

We come to your centre!

In these sessions our surf lifesavers will come to your centre to engage the imagination of your children while they learn about being safe at the beach. Please note that at this stage this program is only available in the Greater Sydney and Wollongong locations.

We have created these sessions specifically for pre-school, childcare and early childhood centres. Our show is best suited for ages 3-5 years.

We are taking bookings for our brand new “Fun Day at the Beach!” show from January 2023. Please submit an EOI in the below form and we will contact you with further details when the program is launched.

Our lifesavers will come to your centre if you are located in the Greater Sydney region.

Our sessions are fun and interactive. We know your little ones have a maximum attention span so we break up our session into 20 minute segments. A session will typically run between 50-60 minutes.

The cost per session is $60 + $5 per child (there is a one off $60 fee for multiple sessions at your centre if they are scheduled on the same day).

We do offer subsidies for centres who meet our funding criteria. You will be able to select these subsidies if applicable upon registration.

10% – Many of our families have a diverse cultural background

10% – Many of the children that attend our centre have recently arrived in Australia as new migrants or refugees.

10% – We identify as a centre that provides early education to Low ELP families.

10% – We identify as a centre that provides education and care to children from families predominately from a low socio-economic background.

10% – Our centre is a noncoastal centre and we believe the majority of our families would have little access to the beach and beach education.

We prefer a minimum of 10 children per session.

We recommend a maximum of 40 children per session so your children can get the most out of their session and this also allows maximum interaction with our lifesavers.

Your children will learn about being safe at the beach using their senses of touch, smell, vision and hearing in a fun, interactive and engaging format!

Interested in bringing a Lifesaver to your centre?

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