Imagine a program where we bring the beach to you!

Our Early Childhood Sensory Play Sessions have been created to provide young children, teachers and parents with education around coastal and inland waterways safety.

We will be engaging the imagination of your children!

Our educators will come to your centre to interact with your children in a fun and engaging format while they learn about being safe at the beach using their senses of sight, taste, smell, touch.


What does our program include?


Story book reading of “Annie & the Waves”
Our educators will be asking questions throughout our special book reading to prompt interaction with your children.

Day of a Lifesaver
Your children will have the opportunity learn about lifesavers and what they do. They can ask lots of questions and we will also have some spare lifesaver uniform for some of your children to "dress up".

Your children will learn about different waterways using their senses of smell and touch.

Exploring rock pools
Your children will learn about ocean creatures such as star fish and shells and the importance of being careful when exploring.

What will they will learn?
Being careful and asking questions before doing. Being cautious when exploring rock pools and platforms. Creatures of the ocean and coastline.

What will they learn?
Differences between different bodies of water. Unique hazards at the beach.

Session Key Learnings

  • Always swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Look for safety and danger signs on the beach
  • Ask a Lifesaver or Lifeguard for help
  • Using your senses to help keep you safe
  • Never swim or enter the water alone
  • If you get into trouble, stay calm and raise your arm for help
  • Ask if your not sure about something
  • Exploring the beach and rock pools safely

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