A week of learning, collaboration and expert insights for primary and secondary teachers from 15-19th August 2022


Teachers Coastal Education Week brings together educators and key experts with the aim of assisting teachers to expand your knowledge on coastal safety that you can take back to the classroom in core curriculum aligned areas.

Develop & expand your knowledge from experts in their fields!

All sessions are FREE and on-line so there is no need to leave your classroom! You will be able to access and download the content at any time during the week giving you the flexibility to view and learn at a time that works for you.
  • Each session has a key topic focusing on coastal sustainability and environment
  • Free resources & activity sheets for you to take back to your students
  • All sessions are aligned with the NSW Curriculum
  • Suitable for Primary & Secondary Teachers
  • Monday 15th to Friday 19th August 2022


Ocean Plastic Pollution

Discover how plastic pollution is affecting Australia's ocean wildlife, and the current local, national and global actions that could help to stem the flow of plastics into our oceans

Virtual tour of the Solitary Island Acquarium

Stephan Soule - National Marine Science Centre
Virtual tour of the facility including the research area and the aquarium

Ocean Climate Change

Stephan Soule - National Marine Science Centre
Learn the challenges oceans face due to human induced climate change. Stephan will review the carbon cycle, test how an increase in dissolved CO2 can affect the pH of seawater and hypothesize on how this could affect calcium carbonate-based organisms over time.

Marine Ecosystems

Lizzy Hardaker
How we can play a part in creating a healthy environment by caring for marine life in a rockpool and tidal pool setting

Underwater Photography

Lizzy Hardaker
Explore the ocean and marine creatures with Lizzy as she talks about diving and her experiences and knowledge when taking underwater photos

Microplastics impacts

Join Tim as we undertake a microplastic survey on the shore of Narrabeen Lagoon to illustrate the issue of microplastics in our oceans

Gamification for students

Surf Lifesaving NSW
This week we are launching our brand new on-line Beach Life Challenge game for primary students

Upcoming programs & resources

Surf Lifesaving NSW
We'll show you a sneak peak of our brand new programs and resources that we are creating especially for teachers and students

Sustainability & coastal environment

Teachers Kayla & Jenny
Ocean, marine & beach themed lesson plans, teachers guide and resources for use in the classroom
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I thoroughly enjoyed the inaugural Teachers Coastal Education week - It was wonderful! Thank you. I’m so keen to explore all of the resources with my students and availing both them and myself of getting onto the beach / local waterways and to explore out local environs safely.


View some video clips from our 2021 program...

Science of the Surf with Dr Rip (AKA Dr Rob Brander, UNSW)

Understanding Fish & Shark Behaviour with Dr Fish (AKA Prof Callum Brown, MQU)

Breaking Down Coastal Risk Safety with Nick Mulcahy, SLSNSW

A story of Resilience & Survival with “Bite Club” founder Dave Pearson

Classroom Drone Essentials with a drone pilot

Q+A with our Surf Lifesavers

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Beach to Bush (K-6)

Each year our volunteer lifesavers go "bush" to educate students about beach and water safety.

Beach to Bush 2022

Bring the beach to your school with our lifesavers. Our very popular annual primary aged surf education program is returning for its 29th year in 2022!

Creatures Big & Small (K-2)

Come and explore the ocean and beach with a real lifesaver and learn about the amazing creatures that live within the sea in our FREE virtual sessions.

Lifesaver @ My School (7-12)

Bring a Lifesaver to your school and give your students the opportunity to learn about beach and ocean safety in their own classroom and backyard.

Lifesaver @ My School (K-6)

Our Lifesaver @ My School program brings our qualified lifesavers right into your classroom! Students from K to 6 will learn about beach and ocean safety.

Lifesaver for a Day (10-12)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to problem solve and discuss real life Lifesaving scenarios as they explore the life and challenges of a lifesaver.

NSW Teachers School Newsletter

On Patrol Newsletter with the Surf Life Saving NSW Community Education team! Bringing you all the latest beach & coastal education related news, programs and resources for NSW teachers and schools.

Ocean Myth Busters (3-6)

Come and explore some of the greatest myths of the ocean and coast with a real lifesaver in our FREE virtual sessions.

On Patrol Virtual Secondary School Series

Secondary school students will join our experienced lifesavers as they go on 'virtual' patrol to solve real life beach safety scenarios and problems.

Primary Teaching Resources

Curriculum linked unit outlines with a 3 week staged based lesson plan for teachers to download.

Race to the Flags (7-9)

In this stage based, curriculum aligned virtual session, students will have the opportunity to compete in groups with their classmates, as they problem solve real life lifesaving scenarios.