Arab Council Australia

Established in 1979, Arab Council Australia is a secular not-for-profit community organisation working to bring about social justice and improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in the community. Council is based in Sydney, New South Wales, where the largest population of Arab Australians lives. We network widely and work in partnership with government, non-government and other structures. We play a pivotal role in coordination, advocacy, and leadership, information dissemination and in developing and providing a range of welfare services, activities and events to the community.

Dr Imad Berro

As the Chairperson of Arab Council Australia, my role includes:
• advocating for equity, equality and social justice
• promoting awareness about our organisation’s vision and work
• generating greater understanding about issues facing the community

I am a retired Pathologist and Microbiologist and have worked in a number of institutes and settings including hospitals, research and development centres and water technology.

I believe that the Surf Life Saving CALD Coastal Water Safety Reference & Advisory Group provides an opportunity for me to play a dual role: 1) represent the community’s perspective ensuring relevance of SLS programs and resources and 2) generate awareness in the organisation about the work that Surf Life Saving carries out for all communities.

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